RILEM program of TU Darmstadt

RILEM program of TU Darmstadt

The Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa) announces the course "RILEM": Online course Computational Methods for Building Physics and Construction Materials.

This initiative of TUDa is in the framework of the European Univeristy  UNITE!, in which UPC participates.


The course will take place online (via Zoom), from 12th until 16th April 2021.

Deadline to submit applications

UPC students interested in the RILEM course can present their applications before 26th March 2021.

Website of the course, for more information

Application submission and contact for questions

UPC students that want to apply for the RILEM course, or have questions about it, you have to send an e-mail and contact with:

Institute of Construction and Building Materials
Ms. A. Cevik
Tel: +49-6151-16-22210