Visiting students

Visiting students are students who participate in an official course of study at the UPC in order to complete part of their university education, but do not do so as part of a mobility programme or under any other sort of agreement that allows them to enrol at the UPC free of charge.

Visiting students may take a maximum of 60 ECTS credits of a bachelor’s degree and 30 ECTS credits of a master’s degree, as this is the maximum number of credits that may be recognized in their academic record if they are later admitted officially to the same degree as UPC students. Until this occurs, visiting students are not considered UPC students.

Students affected by the academic progress regulations may not gain admission as visiting students. 

Visiting students have the right to be assessed and to receive a certificate stating that they have studied at the UPC.  

The economic conditions applied to visiting students are established by the decision reached by the Finance Committee of the UPC’s Board of Trustees each academic year.  

Application process 

To apply for admission as a visiting student, the following documentation must be submitted through the DEMANA application (help topic: USD Mobilitat / Incoming (Estudiants): 


Acceptance and registration 

Once the access request has been accepted, the International Relations Office will contact the interested party to indicate the calendar and the necessary documents to complete the enrolment.