Information for students

Information for students

The EPS is a one-semester course designed to train final-year engineering students to work in international teams. In EPS, international teams of students work on real-life projects proposed by national and international companies.


The EPS (European Project Semester) will enable you to apply the technical knowledge acquired during the previous years of your engineering education to real and practical projects. The programme also offers you the opportunity to learn to work in teams in an international, multicultural and interdisciplinary atmosphere similar to what you will find in most companies today.

Without doubt, the EPS will make a significant difference to your academic curriculum. It will enable you to more successfully join the labour market and it will help you to enhance your career.

This new programme has been designed to satisfy society’s new demands and to train students in a broader range of disciplines, such as international communication, teamwork skills, critical thinking, sustainability and languages. The aim of EPS is to form students capable of dealing with frequent and unexpected changes and to develop the skills required for working abroad.

As the EPS is of an interdisciplinary nature, students from a wide variety of disciplines are welcome. Individuals with a background in engineering or other disciplines can also participate.

The EPS programme focuses on international teamwork, and therefore it is important for students to have a solid academic background. So is required that the students have completed, at least, four semesters of their studies at their home university.

The working groups will be multicultural and interdisciplinary so a good command of the English language is necessary. The minimum level required to participate in the programme is B2.

The EPS program welcomes both local students at EPSEVG and students from abroad.

Academic recognition

Universities wishing to send students on a European Project Semester (EPS) programme should ensure that the EPS is acknowledged as part of their curriculum.

The semester is a recognized 30-credit unit course in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). 20 credits are awarded to the project and 10 to the intensive seminars.


Marks are derived from the following sources:

  1. The Project

  2. The study programme

Pre-screening of EPS candidates will be carried out by the home university's International Office.

Candidates must access to the online pre-enrolment application and follow the instructions to register and create an application for:

The following documents must be attached to the application:

    1. ID or Passport
    2. Application letter
    3. Curriculum vitae
    4. Transcript of records (Qualifications)
    5. Learning agreement
    6. Language proficiency. For EPS candidates a B2 Certificate of English is required except for students coming from English speaking countries.
    7. Responsible statement of insurance for academic stays at UPC. Exchange students coming to UPC are required to have an insurance that covers Healthcare, Accidents during travel, Repatriation of mortal remains and Civil Liability. Students are free to choose the Insurance Company of their choice but, in case you they are interested, UPC has an agreement with OnCampus Estudia they can hire.


The deadline to apply to the EPS program is 31 October.

Confirmation of acceptance

Confirmation of your admission to the programme will be given no later than 15 November.